Andres Capital Management: At the Service of the Independent Advisor Community

Andres Capital is dedicated to partnering with the advisor community. Our efforts and capabilities are committed to providing the advisor with the appropriate tools to reduce costs, turn prospects into clients, increase investment options and provide clients with the potential for enhanced risk/adjusted returns. Our partnership goal is to play a constructive role in growing and sustaining the advisor’s client relationships and their assets under management.

It is our central thesis that meaningful gaps persist in the levels of service offered by the dealer community to the independent advisor and the high net worth individual investor versus the large buy-side accounts.

We work to narrow these gaps by using, to our clients advantage, our decades of experience as traders and market makers at major Wall Street firms and our entrepreneurial asset management experiences. We have an intimate understanding of how the bond markets really operate and combine this with our longstanding working relationships with both national and regional trading desks.

Together these factors enable us to offer knowledge of accurate market prices and current market conditions, resulting in what we believe is more opportunistic investing, superior execution, and lower transaction costs.

We offer the following tools:
  • Portfolio review and assessment (prompt turnaround)
  • Onsite market and product seminars designed for clients and prospects (ACM senior management participation)
  • Client conference calls, account reviews and performance data, as required
  • Open-line communication offering “second opinion” decision support
  • Direct access to the thinking behind our actively managed fixed and asset allocation strategies
  • The Andres Review, our proprietary in-house newsletter, offers timely and relevant macro-economic commentary and in-depth market analysis. Our value lies in our ability to narrow the gap for the independent advisor and the high net worth investor.